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Harassment, Hiring, Workplace Violence, Performance

1. As the Office Manager for a small private company, Karen interviewed several candidates for a job opening. She considered Carlos to be the most qualified but did not hire him because she didn't know if he was a U.S. citizen. Can Carlos file and possibly win a complaint of discrimination that he was not hired because of his national origin?
No. Only citizens of the U.S. are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
Yes, because Karen made the decision not to hire Carlos before she knew whether he was a citizen.
Yes, because it is illegal for Karen to discriminate against Carlos based on his national origin unless he is illegally in the U.S.
2. Harold drives a truck for a private company that provides a locker room for the drivers to leave personal items. The walls of this locker room are covered with graffiti (old and new), including many anti-Semitic statements. Harold is Jewish and finds the graffiti to be very offensive. Harold does not file a grievance or complaint under the company's policy. Can the company be held liable for harassment if Harold quits his job and either files a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a lawsuit?
Yes, because Harold found the graffiti to be offensive.
No, because Harold did not complain to a supervisor or file a grievance.
Yes, if Harold can show that the company knew or should have known of the graffiti.
3. The Ditto School District hired Harry as a part-time after-school baseball coach. At one of the games, Harry got into a fight with one of the parents regarding "strategy." The parent sued the School District upon learning that Harry had a criminal record involving violence. (The School was still waiting for the results of Harry's background check.)
The Ditto School District will most likely not be held liable because they did not authorize Harry's actions and dismissed him immediately after the game.
The district should take a lawsuit for "negligent hiring" very seriously.
Worker's compensation statutes in most states would be the exclusive remedy for acts of violence by a school employee.
4. Jason told a coworker/friend that he was going to "beat the crap" out of their supervisor if he "berates me just one more time." Although his friend does not think that Jason will really harm the supervisor, he follows the employer's policy regarding reporting any violent threats to management, who then advises Jason's supervisor of the threat.
Jason can and should sue his employer for slander.
Management was probably legally required to advise Jason's supervisors of the threats.
Management must first try to confirm that the threat was made prior to notifying Jason's supervisor.
5. You have been assigned as supervisor to a department that previously operated under lower performance standards than those to which you are accustomed. How do you deal with the unsatisfactory employees (always rated as "satisfactory" by the previous supervisor) you have inherited?
Post a list of the new standards on a bulletin board and at performance appraisal time, assess the employees' compliance.
Schedule a meeting to let everyone know that you are the "new sheriff in town." Explain new rules and expectations.
When the first employee performs poorly, use them as an example for the rest.

Women's History

6. Where did the women's suffrage movement originate?
United States
7. In what state was the first women's rights convention held?
New York
8. What territory or state first gave women the right to vote?

African American Trivia

9. What commodity created the initial demand for slaves in America?
10. When were the first Affirmative Action type "quota's" made into laws?
11. An invention of Elijah McCoy began the use of what term?
Hot Dog
The Real McCoy
As strong as steel

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