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The Chesley-James Group (CJG) is a full service Human Resources Consulting Firm specializing in Labor Relations, Performance Management, Diversity and Discrimination Law.

Since our start in 1987, we continue to offer an extensive range of HR consulting and training services to private and public sector organizations nationwide and abroad. Our major areas of expertise include training on employment practices issues (workplace harassment, diversity, investigating discrimination complaints, misconduct and grievances, workplace violence, etc.); group facilitations; complaint investigations and mediation services.

CJG offers both customized and standardized services designed to provide measurable improvement in performance, productivity, behavior and morale for both employees and organizations. Ms. James brings a broad range of experience and places a continued emphasis on customer-focused approaches to ensure the client is included in every step of the way toward delivering the training initiative that best fits your needs.

We are privileged to state that our clients, along with their employees, continually acknowledge us for our technical qualifications, professionalism and business ethics of integrity, confidentiality and quality of service.


  • Audit and advise employers on human resource planning, labor and employee relations, civil rights and diversity practices.
  • Conduct workforce surveys to assess issues that effect conduct or productivity.
  • Develop employee handbooks to communicate personnel policies, work standards and benefits.
  • Audit School District policies, practices and procedures to ensure compliance with State and Federal law regarding student rights, special education and employment practices.

  • Create tailored training programs in the areas of Civil Rights, Diversity, Education and Labor Relations.

  • Perform in-depth inquiries of discrimination complaints and workplace grievances.
  • Offer discretion, credibility and impartiality toward resolving internal disputes.


Cheryl White James

Cheryl James

Cheryl is a human resource management consultant, investigator and instructor with 30 years of experience. She has facilitated hundreds of courses on civil rights law and other employment-related topics, including Equal Employment Opportunity for Managers, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Cultural Diversity, Violence in the Workplace, Managing Performance and Conduct, Investigating Misconduct and Conflict Resolution for public and private sector employers.

Cheryl has developed HR programs for clients, including recruitment, mentoring, performance evaluation, and disciplinary procedures. Also, she has designed and administered affirmative action programs and discrimination complaint systems. She has conducted employment discrimination investigations, administrative reviews and mediations in the areas of employment, housing, education, health and social services. Cheryl also conducts training to certify Discrimination Complaint Investigators.

Prior to starting the Chesley-James Group in 1987, Cheryl held the positions of Investigator, Mediator, Civil Rights Officer, Labor Relations Officer and Instructor with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Navy, Health and Human Services, Education's Office of Civil Rights, Housing and Urban Development, Bureau of the Mint and USDA Forest Service.

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. Also, she is an adjunct faculty member with USDA Graduate School and is a certified federal investigator with the US Investigations Services, Inc.


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